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When Arno Romijn moved to the Karoo with his wife and three children, he had little idea that this would be the catalyst for launching an all natural skincare range. His journey from construction worker to skincare expert has been one rooted in faith and driven by a need to uncover the power of nature.

The family’s move to one of South Africa’s semi-desert regions was motivated by a deep desire to return to a simpler way of life. It was here that Arno and his wife, Lynette, started a search to find natural skincare products that were both effective and transparent when it came to listing the ingredients.

He says: “The search for such a range was challenging, and we soon realised that either our standards were too high or we were looking for the right thing in all the wrong places.”

After a fruitless search, the couple took it upon themselves to start researching how they could make their own skincare products at home to protect the children. To their amazement, they discovered that the more natural they went, the more effective the products became.

“People, me included, often believe that we need to use chemicals to treat everyday skin conditions. However, nature already has the answer and is filled with goodness that simply needs to be rediscovered.”

After years of trial and error, the Eli & You Baby Care Range was first launched. It was later expanded to include skincare products for the whole family, including sunscreen, massage oils and healing balms.

Today, Eli & You is a family driven business passionately committed to being an advocate for nature and a simple life free from harmful chemicals. This is reflected in the current range, which harnesses all of nature’s goodness to nurture, nourish and protect the skin.

“Our products are set apart by being truly natural and simple. We only use the purest ingredients; combining natural and organic plant extracts and exotic oils. We know nature provides all that we need, as depicted by our leaf of love, and we are privileged to provide this love to you in a range of natural skincare products.”

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